YIM Profile

YIM is not just any collection of Merino yarns. An ethos of continued innovation and growth sees an ever expanding product portfolio from which the expert YIM team will work with you to create the best performance yarns for your unique needs.

Behind YIM are 40 years of Südwolle Group experience in aligning stable, high quality supply chains. Südwolle Group works with likeminded knitters globally. A wide range of “functional” fabrics for special purposes, produced from YIM yarns, is now available from outdoor performance, over elite sportswear to fashion fabrications.

These fabrics are designed in 100% Merino. In blends, Merino is combined with other natural or man made fibres to customise the final product according to its required purposes.

The YIM team provides an extension for your team to support your technical developments. Together with YIM your products will set benchmarks in the industry.